Welcome to the Launch of VaccineFactCheck!

If you’ve been wondering about the accuracy of the commentary on vaccines in the media,  this site is for you.  The media has lost its objectivity on the vaccine issue, failing to provide balanced coverage by shutting out views that dissent from those of the government’s public health authorities.  With critics — skeptical scientists, physicians, NGOs and journalists — being silenced, the proponents of mass vaccination have been unchecked, leading many of them to take liberties with the facts in the knowledge they won’t be called out.

We are here to call them out, in the interests of providing a service to those hungry for trustworthy information about vaccines and, equally, in the interests of restoring integrity to the mainstream media.

Our first offering, in which we correct distortions in yesterday’s USA Today in an article by scientist Paul Offit, appears below.



  1. Thank you Larry. You are a courageous soul. Parents like myself who have experienced vaccine injury are relieved to see that our truth is acknowledged somewhere.

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  2. autismanne says:

    Great idea! Thank you for all your so-very-important articles lately!!


  3. Laraine Abbey, MS, CNS, RN emeritus says:

    Bless your heart. Thanks to your site perhaps the biblical Hosea: 4-6 “My people suffer for lack of knowledge” will be less applicable regarding vaccines. I’ve already put you up on Facebook…twitter will be next!



  1. […] the media has enforced a near-total blackout on any articles questioning the safety of vaccines. http://vaccinefactcheck.org/2015/03/…cinefactcheck/ The first article they tackle is Paul Offit's USA Today article of March 5, seems he was […]


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