Parents beat back vaccine exemption bans in Oregon and Washington State

“Legislative efforts to increase pressure on parents to get their kids vaccinated failed in Oregon and Washington state Wednesday amid stiff opposition as a handful of other statehouses consider similar bills prompted by a measles outbreak at Disneyland.”

So starts an Associated Press story, Bills Banning Most Vaccine Exemptions Fail in Northwest,

appearing on the ABC News website, that deserves kudos for fairly presenting the legislative battles in the Northwest and other parts of the US over attempts to limit exemptions to medical reasons.

The AP news story did not editorialize on the ignorance of those who worried about the safety of vaccines, as so often occurs in news stories. It simply provided the facts, and left the editorializing to others.

At time of writing, ABC was the only major news outlet to have picked up the Associated Press story, one day after it broke. Had the a bill limiting exemptions passed in either jurisdiction, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and others in the mainstream media would doubtless have considered it to have been a major story.



  1. Barbara Norton says:

    Feeling blessed to live in Washington State right now.


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