Vatican: UNICEF and WHO are sterilizing girls through vaccines

Vatican Radio last week charged that United Nations organizations promoting population control are using vaccines to surreptitiously sterilize women in Third World countries. Kenya’s Ministry of Health, along with the UN organizations — World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF — deny the charges, which carry the full weight of the Vatican. Vatican Radio is the official “voice of the Pope and the Church in dialogue with the World.”

“Catholic Bishops in Kenya have been opposed to the nationwide Tetanus Vaccination Campaign targeting 2.3 million Kenyan women and girls of reproductive age between 15-49 years, terming the campaign a secret government plan to sterilize women and control population growth,” reported Vatican Radio, as it took the occasion of the ordination of a Kenyan Bishop, Joseph Obanyi Sagwe, as an opportunity to remind the world of its concern.

The church, which operates 30% of Kenya’s health care facilities and has been providing health care in Kenya for more than 100 years, is not opposed to vaccinations. To the contrary, its health facilities have long been administering vaccines as part of its public health mission.

But the church and official organizations such as the Catholic Health Commission of Kenya and the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association assert that a tetanus vaccine program sponsored by WHO and UNICEF has been laced with HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that the human embryo produces after conception to enable it to be implanted in the womb (HCG is also the chemical tested for in pregnancy tests). When the body receives HCG via a tetanus vaccine, it acts as an antigen, stimulating the production of antibodies to HCG. Those antibodies cause the woman’s body to reject future embryos, effectively sterilizing her.

The charges in Kenya, similar to others in Mexico, Nicaragua and the Philippines, led Kenya’s parliamentary Committee of Health to create a Joint Committee of Experts, made of experts from Kenya’s Ministry of Health and the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops, to investigate the conflicting claims, which included government assurances that the tetanus vaccines used in the WHO-UNICEF Vaccination Campaign had been tested and found free of HCG.

The Ministry of Health then refused to provide the Expert Committee with the vaccine vials it claimed to have sampled and tested. The Catholic Bishops did provide the expert committee with nine sample vials that had been used in the WHO-UNICEF campaign. Upon testing, the Expert Committee found that one third of the WHO-UNICEF vials did indeed contain HCG. Separately, 50 tetanus vials that weren’t involved in the WHO-UNICEF campaign were tested and found to be free of HCG.

The church and the government are now in a stand-off. The Ministry of Health has pulled its experts from the Expert Committee and refuses to accept a final report on the controversy. The church, for its part, is warning parishioners to avoid the tetanus vaccine, requesting apologies for the victims from WHO and UNICEF for conduct both “unethical and immoral,” and insisting that “no further vaccination campaigns should be undertaken in this county without an all-inclusive sampling and testing exercise before, during and after the vaccination campaign.”


  1. johndstone says:

    It is interesting that the Vatican are prepared to charge these organizations with this. They should also look at the fact that the WHO and associated organizations deliberately covered up the risk from mercury exposure in third world populations:

    There can be no presupposition that their motives are pure.


  2. This is why we need to protect the right to informed consent. Mandating vaccines gives unfettered access to every human. We are then at the mercy of the integrity and morality of the pharmaceutical industry and various government officials. This story is shocking and would be on the front page of every newspaper were it not a vaccine.

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  3. As it happens, if the charge is true, it is immoral. But,at the same time it could prevent much terrifying suffering. We should take into account that the world population is about 5 billion above planetary sustainability, that a warming planet will reduce crop production, that GMO crops will produce an epidemic of all the metabolic diseases, that GMO crops deaden living soils and that eventually those soils will produce no food, that many of those nations export people because they cannot support increasing populations, that high populations tend to become less civilized, and impoverished in every respect, that we see migrations and war etc. as a result. There is not enough water. As the planet warms the tropical diseases will move north. The habitat of all animals is reduced and diversity is already being decimated. In fact, we can guarantee a terrible future for every new child. Tragically, it is possible that the gift of life s nothing of the sort.


    • Dr. Shannon says:

      So that justifies sterilization without the consent of women. This is wrong. A person has the right to say what medical treatment they shall have. Check the Nuremburg trials.


    • For anyone who didn’t think it was possible for the WHO and Unicef to be capable of such a crime, here is one example, from Moisha Blechman, that it is possible. Mr. Blechman, you have every right to have yourself sterilized, but you have absolutely no right to force sterilization on anyone else or to trick anyone into being sterilized by giving them a treatment under false pretenses.


    • Wow really? And if this happened to you, you would be fine with it? Iam guessing no. You have an elitest attitude that is very sick. Something similar is very near in your future and all of ours. Please read what you wrote again and truly think long and hard about what you are saying and put yourself in their shoes. This concern is not just for a third world country! If we lose our rights to make our own choices you will not only be sterilized but only allowed to eat GMO “safe” food. No one has a right to control what we do to our bodies. And especially not doing it in a manner like this. So sick !


  4. Karen Ahern says:

    Hi Lawrence, a friend wrote me this, “” . Is Snopes correct? What is your opinion? I sent this story far and wide and need to know so I keep my credibility intact. I will need to let persons know if this is incorrect. Thank you for checking on this for me.


    • Lawrence Solomon says:

      Snopes offers no evidence that the laboratory findings presented by the Catholic bishops, the Catholic Health Commission of Kenya and the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association are inaccurate. Snopes merely chooses to take the word of the Kenyan and UN agencies over those of the Catholic organizations. Snopes also demeans their concerns by presenting them as rumors that appear on websites dealing with conspiracies.

      I do not consider the Vatican Church and the website of Vatican Radio, the official voice of the Pope, to be conspiratorial in nature. The onus is on the Kenyan Ministry of Health to cooperate with the government’s own parliamentary committee on health and independently test the batch of vaccines reserved for girls and women of child bearing age. This would quickly settle the matter yet, inexplicably, the Ministry of Health has refused to subject its vials to independent scrutiny.

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    • Susan Callahan says:

      I never believe anything on Snopes. They are a husband and wife team with zero knowledge of the things they report. They are far left on the political line and will protect whomever they need to!!!

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  5. I am not quite understanding this. I thought HCG was a hormone produced in the early stages of pregnancy to prevent the mother from rejecting the growing foetus. I believed it acted on the T cells, a bit like the old HIV and AIDS. I have no confidence in the Vatican, less in the WHO, but I can not ignore the fact that autoimmune disease is on the rise, cancer rates are rising.


  6. Kyle Vale says:

    Lawrence: I recall a few news articles in recent months about aid workers doing vaccinations being attacked. Are such events tied to the charge of unwanted sterilization?


  7. Always seeking to dig deeper when I see an implausible claim, I did some research at PubMed and found a few studies that run counter to the allegations in this blog posting. Yes, in fact, HCG has been studied as a potential injectable contraceptive. However, the level that was found effective was about 100 times more than what was supposedly found in some of the tetanus vaccines. Additionally, development of an HCG contraceptive has been largely abandoned as the contraceptive effect is highly variable and doesn’t last a predictable amount of time.


    • Lawrence Solomon says:

      Did your research uncover why HCG was present at all in the tetanus vaccine batch reserved for those Kenyans of reproductive age, or why the Kenyan Ministry of Health refuses to cooperate with its Parliamentary inquiry? Answers to those questions would address the Catholic organizations’ concerns.


  8. dorothy pointer says:

    IN the USA, people receive hcg injections as part of a diet plan. It does not cause infertility in these people.


    • What you’ve posted is from 1987, almost 30 years ago! I posted here earlier that research has, in fact, been done testing hCG as an injected contraceptive. Some feel it’s not a viable contraceptive. In 1994, a researcher evaluated the suitability of hCG as a contraceptive.

      From the abstract: “…during the past few years, increasing evidence has emerged that the current approaches using hCG as the target molecule may have some major drawbacks. On the basis of their recent findings, Stephan Dirnhofer and colleagues raise doubts on the suitability, safety and efficacy of gonadotropin-based immunological contraceptive vaccines.”

      Fears that hCG in a vaccine would cause permanent sterility are totally unfounded. See this 1997 study:

      From the conclusions: “Reversible fertility control is feasible with the HSD-hCG vaccine without impairment of ovulation or disturbance of menstrual regularity.”


  9. Christina Waldman says:

    I have been reading about auto-immune diseases and how–with exceptions like autism, Crohn’s and Ulcerative colitis–they affect women more often than men. According to Dr. Stephen Edelson, environmental toxins like lead, mercury, and nickel are frequently a causative ingredient. (Vaccines for the third world contain thimerosal; i.e., mercury.) The article above said: “When the body receives HCG via a tetanus vaccine, it acts as an antigen, stimulating the production of antibodies to HCG. Those antibodies cause the woman’s body to reject future embryos, effectively sterilizing her.” And it sounds like the HCG containing vaccines might stimulate a stronger auto-immune response than those without it, in those most susceptible. So those women might not only end up sterile, but very sick. Examples: Polymyositis, the auto-immune disease, affects blacks more than whites (Dr. Stephen B. Edelson, “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Autoimmune Disorders,” p. 195) and women twice as often as men. Nine out of ten people who get lupus (Systemic lupus erythematosus–SLE) are women–black women three times more often than white women; Asian, Native American and Latino women twice as often as women of European descent. (Id, p. 76. These ratios are similar to those found by the “CDC Whistleblower Dr. Thompson” re autism, but in young males, not females.) MS affects twice as many women as men (Id. p. 167). Autoimmune hepatitis: women are affected 8 times more likely than men. (Id., p. 188). Etc., with other autoimmune diseases. Dr. Edelson writes that sex hormones “. . . . can affect immune cell function and activity. . . .Given that the majority of people who get autoimmune disorders are women, the role of sex hormones in autoimmunity is significant, although scientists have yet to identify the scope of their involvement.” Id, pp. 38-39. Since this book was published in 2003, no doubt further research has filled in gaps in the knowledge since then.


  10. I am sure this is true (vaccines being used to sterilize women). WHO was involved during the 90s in tetanus vaccination campaigns in Nicaragua, Mexico, & the Philippines, in which the vaccines were found to contain the Hcg hormone, causing miscarriages & infertility.



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