Los Alamos scientists shun vaccinations

To the chagrin of New Mexico’s public health authorities, the rate at which parents are seeking exemptions from vaccinations in Los Alamos is three times the state rate. Los Alamos, home to the Los Alamos National Laboratory, is one of only two places in the U.S. that undertakes classified work in nuclear design. That makes Los Alamos one of the most scientifically literate communities in the world and an embarrassment to the state’s public health establishment, which thinks these scientists should know better.

“Many people in Los Alamos don’t just have college degrees – they’re scientists, with lots of degrees. Los Alamos National Laboratory in fact has done some heavy research on infectious disease and development of an HIV vaccine,” reports a bewildered Albuquerque Journal, after interviewing various experts as to why this community in particular is such an outlier. Los Alamos isn’t “one of the state’s known hotbeds for crystal gazing, cradle therapy or psychic readings.”

Santa Fe, another highly affluent, well-educated community, also reports a high exemption rate — 2.5 times the state average.

The high rate in either community didn’t bewilder reporter Mark Oswald enough, in his article, Los Alamos schools top NM in vaccine exemptions, to ask any of the high-IQ parents why they were avoiding vaccinations, which in New Mexico is tougher to do than elsewhere.

Philosophical exemptions aren’t allowed at all while religious and especially medical exemptions are stringent. For example, a physician must judge that a vaccine would “seriously endanger the life or health of the child” for a child to be exempted; merely endangering the child’s life or health presumably wouldn’t meet the state’s standard. The exemption requirements apply to home-schooled children as well as those enrolled in public and private schools or those who are in attendance at daycare or other child facility. Moreover, the exemption lasts for only nine months, after which a new request for exemption would be required.


  1. This is a perverted use of the “Appeal to Authority” logical fallacy. A renowned scientist in the fields of nuclear & radiation technology doesn’t necessarily have the background to make informed & valid decisions about preventive medicine, public health epidemiology, infectious diseases or immunology.

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    • But he/she has proven to have a high degree of intelligence, and good deductive reasoning skills (try to get a doctorate in science without that).

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    • Fernsby, the problem with your claim is that even when the people who ARE immunologists or epidemiologists (or whatever else you want to name) do choose to NOT vaccinate, you STILL have a problem with them. I know a highly trained immunologist that does not vax thier kids…..so then according to folks like you, even when they have all the training and education in the world, you STILL say they are wrong. No one can win with folks like you.

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    • Excellent point! Except when credible scientists speak out they’re conveniently “discredited” and politicians with zero authority on the matter are begged to force a medical decision on the entirety of the public. So please tell me more about that false authority fallacy.

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    • Gretchen says:

      I am SURE said scientist (s) researched this.
      These are scientists and don’t do things casually without proof.


  2. pppleease says:

    You have got to be kidding Fernsby.

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  3. But you do?? They very easily can read the science and understand it. They do know better.

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    • So scientists evaluating evidence and making decisions when it’s outside their field of expertise is laudable. And, at the same time, the evaluations of vaccine safety & efficacy presented by experts in infectious disease and immunology is constantly lambasted? A strange dichotomy!

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      • Well then MDS are not qualified either, if you want only experts in the field. Politicans certainly not. The science with regards to vaccines is done by self interest drug companies or their funded universities. Very few independed good studies as they can’t really get funded and difficulty getting published. The science has been twisted, manipulated and falsified. Fined billions for doing just that. They learned their protocol from tobacco science and expanded on it. The word “science” has been cheapened.

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  4. Fernsby, how do you know the scientists at the CDC are engaging in any better “science” than the science that the government departments in the 1930s devoted to eugenics were engaging in?

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  5. The more scientifcally one investigates about vaccines from serious sources which are independent of the industry, the more critical one becomes towards vaccines.

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  6. There should be a signed consent form required for every vaccine, the bottom line to read: I am willing to sacrifice my child for the greater good. That’s the reality of the potential consequence of any vaccine, regardless of a history of ostensible non-reaction, and no parent still in touch with her instincts would ever sign such a document.

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  7. Reblogged this on drmom5 and commented:
    Scientist know how the game is played nowadays and it’s not pretty.


  8. Scientists know the limitations of todays science as well as its development, smart people are broadminded and will have reasonable doubts.

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  9. For those who get their information regarding safety and efficiency of vaccines from the CDC are sadly misinformed. This is a captive agency owned and controlled by big Pharma money. In fact our whole medical system has been corrupted. The further you look the more frightening it becomes. The majority, not the minority as MSM would like you to believe are waking up.

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