Nova Scotia shelves vaccine registry, Halifax Chronicle-Herald scores kudos

“Vaccination registry on N.S. back burner,” an article on Nova Scotia’s decision to once again shelve a system to keep electronic track of its citizens’ vaccine records, gets kudos for balanced reporting.

Laura Fraser, staff reporter at the Halifax Chronicle-Herald, Atlantic Canada’s largest paper, interviewed those for and against the decision, providing their different perspectives on where the province should best spend its scarce health dollars and whether a registry represents an urgent need. Fraser did a service to readers by objectively describing an almost decade-long history of aborted attempts to get a vaccine registry off the ground, including by governments led by three different political parties.

Nova Scotia is now expected to revisit the relative merits of a vaccine registry in several years.

Our rating

Kudos to the Halifax Chronicle-Herald (@chronicleherald) and reporter Laura Fraser (@laurajanefraser) for straight-up reporting, a rarity in Canada on matters relating to vaccines.


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