Kiwanis Clubs ensnared in Third World vaccine sterilization scandal

Kiwanis Clubs throughout North America are campaigning to raise funds for Unicef’s Eliminate Project, designed to vaccinate women of childbearing age in five Third World countries. This do-good project is being avidly promoted through a media bandwagon, mostly in small town newspaper and radio outlets but also in big city papers such as the Chicago Tribune and Vancouver’s The Province. With one important exception: The Vatican’s Catholic News Service will be doing all it can to thwart the Unicef-Kiwanis project, which it believes is sterilizing women in Kenya through the use of laced tetanus vaccines.

“Kenyan bishops call laced vaccines ‘monumental human rights abuse,’” read the headline earlier this year in the Vatican’s news agency, Catholic News Service. According to independent laboratories hired by the Catholic Church to examine a batch of vials of vaccines purchased specifically for girls and women between the ages of 14 to 49, 30% of the vials were laced with beta human chorionic gonadotropin, or beta HCG, leading to miscarriages and sterility.

The church has long championed vaccines, which in Kenya it has for decades administered through church-run hospitals — the Catholic Church runs almost a third of Kenya’s medical facilities. But its testing — and the government’s stonewall to church demands for an independent inquiry — has led the church to conclude that the Unicef program in Kenya is really a cover for a population control plan devised by two UN agencies, Unicef and the World Health Organization.

Kiwanis International, which told the Saskatoon-Star Phoenix that it aims to raise $110 million for the Eliminate Project, now finds itself an unwitting party to what may become an immense scandal. “When sterility is induced in any woman, without her knowledge and/or consent, it amounts to a monumental human rights abuse,” said Bishop Paul Kariuki Njiru of Embu, head of the Catholic Health Commission of Kenya, in a statement earlier this year. “It is a direct attack on the survival of a people.”

The Catholic Church demands that “no further vaccination campaign should be undertaken in this country without an all-inclusive sampling and testing exercise done before, during and after the vaccination campaign.”

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