Denmark’s coverup surrounding Merck’s HPV vaccine

“It looks like a smokescreen. The Health Authority pretends to be open and public. It says: ‘We give access to our correspondence.’ And then it withholds the most important documents. The Health Authority has disregarded the law.”

That assessment, made by Danish media lawyer Oluf Jorgensen, appears in “The Inoculated Girls,” a documentary aired on Denmark’s TV2 in March of this year and now available on YouTube. Jorgensen was commenting on the repeated warnings sent to Denmark’s Health Authority about the debilitating harm that befell hundreds of adolescent girls after being inoculated with Gardasil, a vaccine designed to protect against cervical cancer.

The warnings from Danish physicians concerned about these adverse reactions — among them perpetual exhaustion, pain, heart irregularities, dizziness, fainting, nausea — were repeatedly ignored. And when TV2 asked to see specific correspondence that the Health Authority had received about potential dangers in Gardasil, the Health Authority failed to disclose them, as required by law.

“I find it hard to believe it was an oversight but I can’t rule it out,” Jorgensen added. “In that case their file system is a total mess — and it’s also against the Public Records Act.”

TV2’s investigative journalist, in probing both sides of this controversy, confronted the head of the Health Authority’s Pharmacovigilance & Medical Devices Division, Henrik Jensen: “One might suspect that the Health Authority is busy covering up the problem. What’s your comment?” TV2 asked. Jensen responded that the failure to disclose was a simple oversight: “Nothing is swept under carpet. On the contrary. Everything is published.” Viewers could then make up their mind.

In the English-speaking world, we don’t see exchanges such as this or documentaries such as this. Unlike TV2 — Denmark’s largest national broadcaster — our broadcast media is compliant, not daring to challenge authority when the subject turns to vaccines.

TV2 shows how balanced investigative reporting should be done in an informative 39-minute documentary that also reveals that athletic girls seem especially prone to harm: Half of them were elite athletes, 75% of them were highly active in sports, a not altogether surprising result says Jesper Mehlsen, head of research at Frederiksberg Hospital’s Syncope Center, who also worked for Merck, Gardasil’s developer, in testing the vaccine. “We know that high-level sports activities change a person’s defence mechanisms and response to vaccines,” he told TV2. “I’ve been studying this for 30 years and I’ve never seen that combination of symptoms. They all tell the same story: That it emerged in close relation to their inoculation.”

Another story that the documentary tells involves a little known syndrome known as POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), which afflicts half of these girls. Girls with POTS have difficulty controlling their heart rates. A third story provides an explanation of why studies have exonerated Gardasil — their design excluded the specific harms that the Danish doctors identified as being related to Gardasil.

The TV2 documentary, with subtitles, is available here.

Our rating

Kudos to Denmark’s TV2 (@tv2danmark) for producing a balanced documentary that examines an apparent cover-up by the Danish Health Authority, which both refused to acknowledge the potential harm to once active girls following their inoculation with Gardasil, and also refused to provide them with medical treatment that could alleviate their condition.



  1. Very interesting. Thanks for this article. I wonder, do American public health authorities legally have to disclose to the public all of their correspondence as in Denmark?


  2. Fernsby says:

    About these descriptions of debilitating harm due to an HPV vaccination… Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, perpetual exhaustion, pain, heart irregularities, dizziness, fainting, nausea… etc.

    A couple of questions arise:

    1) What is the rate of these maladies in a population of non-vaccinated females who are highly active in sports? This would be known as a ” control croup comparison”. Athletes are prone to exhaustion, pain, dizziness from hyperventilating & fainting due to over training. There are many cardiac anomalies that commonly afflict athletes like enlarged heart, both bradycardia & tachycardia, and even sudden death while exercising.

    2) What is the conjecture about the cause? The HPV vaccine is produced in the same manner as a number of other vaccines and contains the same minor ingredients.

    3) Is the symptomology being seen in females who are highly active in sports but have received other vaccines produced in similar manner?

    4) Is the cause the HPV viral fragments that are contained in the vaccine? If so, wouldn’t the symptomology present itself in females with a real HPV infection?


    • ad1) The control group comparison should have been done in the Gardasil safety-studies with a group of girls receiving a physiologically inert placebo vaccine. That has not been done: the girls in the control group got a “placebo vaccine” that included most of the ingredients of Gardasil including an adjuvant that contained a new – and extra strong – aluminum compound.
      ad2) HPV vaccines use a novel design with virus like particles – the ingredients are different from other vaccines (there is only one other Merck vaccine that also uses AAHS).
      ad4) This is unlikely as the Gardasil vaccine uses dead viral fragments that have little in common with live HPV



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